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Doina Dorina M. – “on top of the head the results appeared the fastest.”

Our results came more slowly but after two weeks they are visible.
I started with a short haircut but after the first week we shortened the hair even more. We started the treatment on my brother. I noticed that on top of the head the results appeared the fastest.
On the sides and on the back of the head works harder. For this reason, with the team I set up initially I had some difficult moments in the sense that they got discouraged. I think people expect a “quick fix” although I told them in the beginning that they must have patience for at least 3 months to reach the final result.
Another problem is that the two products are not enough to be able to show satisfactory pictures when we start the business. Considering that during the first week he used twice a day, the second week once a day, used economically, we have very little oil left.
For this reason I would like to order 2 more products so that we can continue the testing.
We did not have allergies or other unpleasant situations, on the contrary the oil gives a pleasant sensation on the scalp and impacts positively on the physical appearance.
I will attach the initial pictures and I think in another e-mail the pictures after two weeks.
Have a nice day,
Doina M.


Hi Radu and the team,
I have already sent you the results after two weeks and now I am adding the ones one month after the start of the testing.
There are results, maybe we would like it to happen faster but we have patience.
My brother, on whom we are doing the test, has just had his second haircut and his hair is very short on the sides. I noticed the thickening of the hair and something unexpected but very gratifying happened: my brother was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and after the massage with these oils for the first time his affected leg did not tremble. We will extend the duration of the massage and keep you up to date with the evolution. God help it work!
I would like to order two more packages (4 bottles) for testing.
Thank you,
God bless the whole team!
Doina M.

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