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We are the only independent distributor of FORGET WHITE PHYTOKERATINE in Europe, produced in the United States of America by Valentino de Salva LTD.

FORGET WHITE PHYTOKERATINE is a 100% naturally derived formula that contributes to the revival and health of the scalp, improves the quality of the skin and hair, re-pigments the hair, helps reduce the amount of dandruff and flaky scalp, slows down hair loss and strengthens the hair.


FORGET WHITE PHYTOKERATINE reaches interested customers through the network of independent distributors who benefit from permanent training to please our customers, both through the quality and results following the use of this product and the motivation and advice given to each customer.
We want all our customers to get a change for the better that will encourage them to join the great team of European distributors of FORGET WHITE PHYTOKERATINE.


We want to bring wellbeing into people’s lives, more self-confidence, to teach them how to build a very profitable family business based on the experience of using and following the results of FORGET WHITE PHYTOKERATINE.


We have distributors in over 10 European countries and we are constantly expanding. The team of independent distributors had about 4 months of practical and motivational training and the “training” continues!

Every satisfied customer who wants to join the business will benefit from all the necessary know-how from our distributors.


FORGET WHITE PHYTOKERATINE is a 100% naturally derived product, designed in the United States of America and which complies with all the parameters required by the authorised bodies, including the European ones.

It is a “somehow different” product, made out of passion for pure science and love for people.

All independent distributors, customers and future distributors, are considered part of the FORGET WHITE family.

The financial benefits are very important and we have very well organised plans and calculations. Forget all your daily worries and start dreaming beautifully and healthily!


Because the results after using the FORGET WHITE PHYTOKERATINE product only depend on the seriousness and the discipline in following the instructions for use, there is no obstacle to developing a successful family business, whether we are talking about the age, education, skin colour, financial situation, etc.!

Anyone can be successful, anyone over the age of 18, given the only barrier – the one related to having a bank account – the age set by banks.

We know for sure that you will be successful and this business will give you a huge financial satisfaction! But we’d like you to remember where you came from and take part, in future, in our joint Charity campaigns! Thank you in advance!

Billing information

Company name: FORGET WHITE ȘI ASOCIAȚII S.A. , Reg. com.: J23/83/2023 VAT:RO47411843 Address: Str. Tudor Vladimirescu, Nr. 74b, Otopeni, Jud. Ilfov, Romania IBAN: RO14BREL0002003882010100 Bank: LIBRA BANK Share capital: 90.000 Lei