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Loredana O. – “one can see how the healthy hair grows”



I’d like to inform you, with great joy, that I had good results in a short period of time, that is, after only three weeks.

The results were as follows:
– hair grew very fast, about 1.5 cm in 3 weeks.
– my hair became denser, many new hairs appeared, both white and my natural colour (see photo)
– the appearance of my hair is much healthier, considering that I have been dyeing and bleaching it for more than 20 years. When I touch it, my hair feels the same as before, smooth and silky.
– I started the treatment on 13th April and I still can’t see the replacement of the white strands with the pigmented ones. I’m waiting.
– after using the oil, I noticed that my nails got stronger (they don’t break anymore although I did a spring-cleaning for Easter)
– I have a problem with my nails, in the sense that every time I do my manicure and cut my cuticles, after two days they start to reappear as if the skin were falling apart, sometimes becoming painful and bleeding. During the treatment I did my manicure twice and I didn’t have this problem anymore.

I will continue the treatment until I finish the second bottle and if I see new results I will send you a message.

P.S. I also sent you a picture with a hair strand, in which one can see on one side, at the tip (thinner) dyed and on the other side one can see how the healthy hair grows, and in the middle one can see how the hair was before treatment. (it is a difference in hair thickness).

Thank you.
Loredana 🥰

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