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Fanica B. – “After 28 days from the first application, the results are clearly visible”

Good evening,
There isn’t much to say about obvious results. The hair was not completely grey but it had an increasing tendency to turn grey, enough to reveal the age and some worries.
There are some images attached for you, with the corresponding date of each image at the beginning of, one week and two weeks after the first application.

Not only is the improvement noticeable, more obvious around the temples than the rest, but the hair is visibly healthier, glossier and even stronger.

I admit that having a rather demanding job I used the product only once a day but the results were not long in coming. We’ll be back with new images. Trust the process!
O seara frumoasă!


I’m back with news about the process of returning to the original colour. After 28 days from the first application, the results are clearly visible. If the hair was originally white around temples and the rest of the head, now from the middle of the hair strand it is clearly visible that the hair grew black as it once was, not long ago. Now he didn’t have another haircut, but after a good haircut it will be more noticeable because the white tips will be removed and only the long-awaited result will remain.

We are extremely excited about the results hence we will come back with images after the haircut. We hope the business will be as efficient as the product.
I wish you a beautiful day!

Fanica B.

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